View Full Version : Supermarin250 settings for a temporary low load

01/28/2017, 10:18 AM
I have a BK SM250+RD3 60W, on a reef DSB tank (net water 750liters).

The choiche was made for have the possibility to mantain a good water quality (for LPS/SPS corals) with a heavy stocking of fishes.

For a ich problem, now i have the half of the initial number of fishes and I cannot put new ones for some months.

The skimmer I think is a bit overrated now, and I would ask for setting of the power of the RD3 that will do better work with the new conditions.

Now is set at 60W, sump level 22.5 cm and drain closed at 55%.
the SM work very wet, the skimmate is of a "blonde greeen" colour.

Step down the power (40w-50w) and close the drain to maintain the water level in the chamber, will be a solution for a more dry skimmate?


01/28/2017, 06:47 PM
Unfortunately that skimmer is way oversized for your load. It will be tough to keep it consistent. I run the same skimmer of a 700 gallon reef system with over 70 fish in it. I would suggest a setting of between 36 and 40 watts. The lower power setting results in better contact time, more dense foam and a more stable head. The combination of which will result in improved/more efficeient organics removal. Use the sump level and volute to get the line where bubbles turn to foam up above the white collar. Because of your low load relative to the size of this skimmer, I would suggest having the line where bubbles turn to foam about 1-2" above teh white collar which will be very wet skim.

01/29/2017, 06:29 AM
Ok thanks!

Let me try the new settings and I get you my feedback.