View Full Version : Where to introduce zoas to a new aquarium?

01/29/2017, 02:50 PM
I just set up a new aquarium. I bought a package deal that included a lot of corals. I am using the same lights they were under, but a different tank. Therefore, the depth of water is different, locations, etc.

When I put the zoas in, I usually try them out several places, trying to find a happy place for them.

The problem is that if they don't open, how can I tell if it's from too much light or too little light?

I put this in another forum, but I think it was the wrong one...so I will put it here:

How can I tell quickly (in a day or two) if they are in a good place?

For example, I put in some palys on the sand, in direct lighting, and they barely opened. After a couple days, I put them in a little shade, but still on the sand. They seemed to open up a little more. Are they getting used to the water, or did they just get too much light before?

I also have set my lights to 50% intensity for a 5 week acclimation time. Is this too long, too short?

What I don't want to do is take so long to find a coral's "happy place" that they begin to get in poor health.

thanks for any tips or advice.

01/30/2017, 06:38 AM
Hard to say, I've found zoas pretty adaptive to where ever I wanted to put them. Left them on the sand bed for a few days to get used to the tank, then moved them to where I wanted them. I don't turn down my light either, if they are from someone else's tank, chances are they are already used to intense light. If they are happy, they will open up, give them a few days though, they can stay closed for a bit to adjust.