View Full Version : Queen Angel and Blue Angel together?

01/31/2017, 06:58 PM
Currently have a 6" adult queen in my 180g tank with a few small tangs and a juvenile imperator. My LFS got a 10" blue angel in and is just stunning. I'm currently using a 180g tank till I can find a 600g or bigger in a few months to move them to. Opinions on whether it would work or not?

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02/01/2017, 08:55 AM
Queens and blue are very similar ,queens are also one of the most aggressive of the angels, I think unless you have a really big tank, it won't work .
I had a queen for many years and she was the only large fish in the tank due to aggression.
They are stunning fish!

02/01/2017, 09:39 AM
Short term maybe*** A 10" fish in a 180g isn't going to work very long, even without any tankmates

02/01/2017, 09:47 AM
The 180g is short term, probably 2-3 months. My plan is to set up at least a 500g as their upgrade.

02/26/2017, 02:59 PM
The 180g is short term, probably 2-3 months. My plan is to set up at least a 500g as their upgrade.

Still not going to work out in the long run if you want to mix a Queen and a Blue. We have both in a 700 gallon FO system and the relationship is tenuous between the two fish (both ~8"). I expect we will need to remove one as they grow. FWIW, there is absolutely no aggression between the Queen or Blue with the Grey angel (Pomacanthus arcuatus) also housed in the tank.

02/27/2017, 09:36 AM
If you added that Blue Angel in that 180 with that Queen, you will not have enough time to setup another home, IMO. I believe it will be a fight to the death in that small tank.

02/27/2017, 10:54 AM
Can you plumb in a large rubbermaid stock tank where you could house the blue until the 500 is set up? This seems like an effective stop gap... but as another poster said, the large tank is still probably not large enough. If you do end up getting the blue, I'd keep them separated for a while but let them see each other. Then you'd at least know if they'll be compatible. I'd go with the French or Gray angel instead... but I've always been a huge fan of French angels so I'm biased.