View Full Version : What are those near the brain coral?

02/03/2017, 09:45 AM

Got this small pineapple rock and saw tiny somethings growing on it. What are they and how quickly do they spread?
Thanks https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20170203/277101406a63f5f6ae934e57a1081261.jpg

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02/04/2017, 09:16 AM
Sometimes these are referred to as "Clove" polyps. The link below should help. These might not be identical to what you have, but there definitely on the same page. If you want to get rid of them a wire brush should do, but just do this in a separate container of water though.


02/04/2017, 09:57 AM
I would definitely wire brush them off the rock, they are very invasive and grow very fast, unless that something you want.

02/04/2017, 10:02 AM
Thanks to you both.
I think I'll scrape them off or put some glue on them, I've also just read they can spread easily and that I don't want. Mine isn't the good looking kind anyway.

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