View Full Version : MP Sizing question and placement

02/04/2017, 07:02 AM
Question, I had 3 Apex WAV' on my tank one of them died 1 year almost to the day and the one other is starting to click. So I am going to abandon them and replace with MP's.

My Question is size and placement. My Tank is 72x18x25 Acrylic Tank 3/4" Side walls 1" top and bottom with bracing. My Overflow is on the right hand side of the tank, my returns on on the left side of the tank. I have 3.5 inches clearance on both sides of the overflow.

Image 3 is how my WAV's are configured today would I just place 3 MP40's? (Not labeled)

Image 2 and Image 1 are just idea's? I have a dead spot on the right hand side back corner.

My rock formations are right down the middle of the tank.

I am open to suggestions on size and placement my tank is SPS, LPS, ZOA's, and two clams.

Thank you