View Full Version : What supplements and coral foods should I get?

02/04/2017, 11:09 AM
I've recently switched over to the probiotic salt in my Nuvo 16g tank that consists of mostly sps/lps. It was an ULNS tank before the switch, and I kept up the nutrients with roids and fuel. I want to dive into the suppliments and coral foods from AF but I'm not sure on what to get..

Should I avoid these suppliments for such a small tank? Your guide says 1 drop per 27g of water..

I was thinking of getting the following:

AF Build
AF Amino Mix
AF Vitality
AF Energy

Would I be safe to go ahead and try these products and follow the guidelines of 1 drop every second day? Or maybe 1 drop a week due to the small water volume?


02/04/2017, 11:26 AM
For such a small tank I will suggest dose alternately AV and BE after every 2 days 1 drop of each. So slowly in short. Like amino and vitamin monday then build and energy wednesday then repeat amino and vitamin on Friday and so on. Keep an eye on everything and then depending on how it looks you can change schedule.