View Full Version : 48 inch photon reef breeder v2

02/04/2017, 12:48 PM
i have been on the photon v2 and have followed the suggested settings to work up to.

I use rodi and have a skimmer and still get algae on the glass. I have done so many things to address the algae but no success. Im beginning to think the lights are the problem. I run them for 9 hours and max the white lights ( channel 5) to 40% and am working to get the blues to 60% over the next couple weeks. Is 40% white too high (the channel 5) and causing algae? If so, is it ok to drop it to 30% without hurting my corals and ramp up the blues?

Ron Reefman
02/05/2017, 07:50 AM
Algae isn't 'caused' by the light. It's just one of several requirements for algae to grow, along with nitrates and phosphates.

Over 12 years I've used PC (power compact fluorescent lights), MH, t5 fluorescents and leds. They are all very capable of growing algae.

And in particular, the brown diatom algae that you are probably cleaning off your glass... That's going to be a regular feature our routine maintenance if you are going to keep a marine aquarium.

BTW, I run my peak (midday) lights at 40% white and 90% blues for 54 hours. I do a 4 hour sunrise and a 5 hour sunset where the hour before and the hour after midday are still at 30% white and 80% blue which I believe is still strong enough to allow photosynthesis. And yes, I clean diatoms off the glass every 4 or 5 days if I'm being good, eveny 6 to 8 days if I let it go until it's a bit hard to see in the tank. But then I've been doing that for the better part of 12 years under lots of different lights.