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02/09/2017, 09:28 AM
I’ve relocated to this 29 gallons bow front due to leaking on the bigger (75) thank. That was a very painful experience that nobody should go through… best wishes to everybody!

I’ve been a loner when it come to the hobby for the most part, just researching online or going to the local library (yes... I still go to the library); but I've decided to share the process this time.

Not all corals are relocated yet but the tank is at least somewhat presentable though I am open to suggestions about the set up, aquascaping for rocks just one last time), the current corals and the future master plan of how I would like the tank to be when all the colorful guys grow up.

Tank: Standard 29 gallon bow front
Bare-bottom: I think it stays cleaner and have fewer chances to parameter swings. Also, I am leaning towards growing some colonies in the bottom glass but haven’t totally decided on that yet. It is easier to add sand than it is to get it out so will give it a try.

1500 cascade canister of 350gph. Had it from my previous set up but and is never too much, specially if doing some target feeding from time to time.

Live rock:
About 30 pounds of live rock. Aquacultured in Puerto Rico although not as porous as I would like. It is heavy, dense but really like its color and the live it brings to the tank. Will keep it.

Flow: Have two 1500 koralia pumps but I am not planning on using any in this set up since the out flow from the canister i believe is strong enough... but will see.

Lights: Lets not talk about it. Bad lighting but already ordered a new 16" from "sb reef lights" 15 days ago and still waiting. Feels like for ever

Refugium, sump, skimmer: Currently a single hang on back refugium. Have skimmer and a smaller tank but not planning on doing sump or use the skimmer due to size but if someone has experience with similar sized tanks, please let me know.

Heathing: None currently. Temperature stays around 78 but will see what happens once the new lights are introduced.

Live stock: Clown pair, two turbo snails, two cleaner shrimps, two emerald crabs, two feather dusters, one mandarin goby, one pencil sea urchin, two sponges and one sea apple. They all came from my bigger tank, were introduced over a 3 weeks period and are all doing great. This may be working for me cause the water, filters and rocks were aged but wouldn’t recommend anyone to start with these many, specially not with mandarins, sponges or sea apples. Not planning on getting any more fish (obviously) and may even take the sea urchin out cause he likes to play with the frags… and I don’t.

Corals: It is a mixed reef and will list the current ones with pictures in a later post.

To do:
- Place and set the new lights. Still unsure about how to introduce them. I know it should be exponentially but haven't decided on how low to start from and how often/how much to increase the intensity.

- Blue background. I always do easy blue backgrounds. It makes the tank look simple/deeper and yet not as dark as with black color or as busy as with some designed backgrounds.

- Move all the frags to this tank and locate it them in the rocks... somewhere

Please feel free to comment, ask and suggest about it.
This journal post is intended to not only help me clarify my thoughts and share the process and growth of my tank but also to heard from some fellow reef lovers.

Will be documenting the tank journal in video also though I kinda like writing better.


02/09/2017, 09:32 AM
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