View Full Version : Tunze care magnet strong

02/09/2017, 05:50 PM
I got my new care magnet strong today.
I ordered the strong version,my glass is 3/4". It seems to work fine on new algae but the harder older is more of an issue. Not purple coralline, but green.I put the stainless blade on , it seemed to help, except close to bottom pane. It doesn't appear it extend as far as the plastic scrapper. I didn't know if the strong + would have been a better choice, or if the external magnet portion could be upgraded, similar to the streams magnet upgrade. Any advise would be great

02/10/2017, 08:18 AM
Usually multiple passes, a short back and forth scrubbing action will work off any encrusted coralline, the ideal might be to use it as a hand scraper the first time on the hardest parts that are heavily encrusted and then maintain with the magnet feature. You could use the Strong+, their is no grade path as both magnet sides have stronger magnets and they must pair up to work. Their are pros and cons, the Strong+ will scrub harder, but it will also be much more work to move across the panes and the blades will wear faster as they are being pressed hard by the magnet force.