View Full Version : Dragonface Pipefish Mouth stuck open

02/09/2017, 08:09 PM
Hello, I just purchased a pair of Dragonface pipefish. Upon addition to my tank I noticed that the one pipefish's mouth is stuck open. Comparing it to the other pipefish, his mouth looks hyper extended open.The other pipefish is swimming around eating bugs all happily and the other is just sitting their primarily with little movement. I read that this could be a sign of illness. Anyone have experience with this?

02/18/2017, 04:06 PM
It could of been injured during transit. Did you buy it from a LFS? If it didn't look like it was stuck open when you bought I would say it is an injury of some kind.

Sometimes the "trigger" can get stuck and they can no longer feed. In that case it is usually over pretty quick for the pipefish.