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02/11/2017, 03:17 AM
good morning guys
i have a 4 months i i am using phos minus carbon and zeomix combine with np pro and pro bio s. i have a small problem the rock is turning in brown with some brown algae also i have the glass with long brown algae even send is turning brown any idea what is the problem and there is any products i can use to eliminate the proplem
para are
ammonia 0
no2 0
no 3 0
phos 0.05

02/11/2017, 06:08 AM
This is the establishement of bacteria working on nutrients, likely laden in rock and sand. This shall pass, I would utilize inverts in this case to help, turbo snails work best, astrealas and other variety to also help. I would most certainly bring your values of NO3 up, this will help overall, being zero is not advisable long term. Phos is good for now, perhaps adding a touch more phosphate minus will help. Careful with Zeomix, it can bottom out nitrates with use of NP Pro and Pro Bio S, so you could do one of two things to help lift nitrates. Feed fish more, and/or lower use of NP Pro and Pro Bio S. Cheers :)

02/11/2017, 06:08 AM
You are 4 months in, so this is a new tank? I'd stop dosing all except cal & alk and let it cycle

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