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02/11/2017, 07:31 PM
Hello, so long story short I have had a 150Gal for a couple years with a clown trigger, a panther grouper and an undulated trigger. I just moved 3 hours away and last week went to go move my tank to the new house. While moving the tank I cracked the bottom near a bulkhead. So I gave the grouper and undulated to a fish store and setup my 28 gallon cube for my clown trigger until i get something else setup.

I had already cut the hole in the wall and built the stand in my basement for the 150 so I wanted something that could fit there. So I just ordered a 210 gallon. I just have to make the stand a little deeper.

Tank is going to be an aggressive FOWLR. I am trying to decide whether I should go bare bottom or not.

Also does anyone know if the Aqueon tanks with overflows come with the plumbing or do I have to buy the pipes and bulkheads?

I was also wondering if I can cycle my tank with all the LR I have from my old tank. The rock is dry in buckets in my garage so obviously it is now dead. Will the die off from the 100 + pounds of rock cycle my tank?



02/12/2017, 02:53 AM
I dont think aqueon comes with any type of plumbing. You can use your dry rocks to cycle your new tank. Its better you wont have parasites or ich. Just give them a good cleaning or acid dip, let dry for 1 week or less. Keep checking your parameters during the cycle process

02/12/2017, 11:13 AM
I have the aqueon 210 and it does come with the durso pipes. I changed my drain pipes to 1 1/4" for better drainage. Also changed the elbows at the top of the return because the ones that come with has a hole to prevent backflow(which is very annoying with splashing sound). Just drill a hole in your line lock inside the tank just below the water line and it's not annoying.

If you use the old rock you will get an ammonia to start the cycle but you will need to add some bacteria. I use bio spira with great results.

I started my 210 with substrate and ended up vacuuming all out and now it's bb. I like it bb, it's also very interesting in a tank that big to check out the fish from underneath.

02/12/2017, 11:25 AM
Ok thanks. So I can't just throw the rock in without cleaning it first? And i bought two aqueon overflow accessory kits last night.

02/12/2017, 11:27 AM
Great thanks for the reply. I am going to add bacteria with the rock. Did i not need to order those kits?

02/12/2017, 11:52 AM
Mine came with the aqueon megaflow kit I think it's called. You might want to double check with whoever you ordered it from, but I think that's standard. I did catch an lfs snagging them from aqueon tanks(I saw them being delivered with the plumbing in a box inside the tank); then putting them on their retail stands for sale separately.

I understand the concern of majorly cleaning the rock, but I have taken dead previously live rock that I used in previous tanks and just sparked it up in another tank with no problems.

02/12/2017, 04:04 PM
Ok thanks. For some reason I didn't think to ask but I already ordered two from Ebay. So if it comes with it I guess I'll sell them. Maybe I'll give all the rocks a nice rinsing.