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02/12/2017, 07:35 AM
best place to buy seahorses captive bred eating frozen at a good price my LFS sells them for 125 each

02/12/2017, 08:19 AM
Unfortunately, most LFSs keep the seahorses in tanks connected to a system that also includes other fish in other tanks. This exposes the seahorses to pathogens that they haven't grown up with and seahorses are very susceptible to those pathogens and often end up dying.
Also, many stores won't tell you who the breeder is, or, in many cases don't even know because they are buying from a trans shipper, and these often come from offshore sites with poor track record of survival.
Another problem is that most stores and their staff do not know how to properly keep seahorses for best chances of survival, even though they think they do.
Your best chances of success will come from buying from an established local hobbyist who is into breeding, or, to buy from a commercial breeder with established credentials in the hobby.
IMO, you can't find a better source for seahorses in the US than seahorsesource.com.

Many Waters
02/12/2017, 06:12 PM
I got VERY lucky in that my one LFS ( I have two less than a mile from each other) had several Reidis in the store for about 2 months ( I'm in there just about twice per week, so I was keeping an eye on them.) I was able to see that he had them eating frozen mysis, etc. So far they are doing well, but I had to offer them live to get them eating in my home. ( PS, the price range you're seeing seems about on par from what I've seen). Otherwise- what was mentioned above, I agree with- if you can find a hobbyist nearby that breeds, go for that. Otherwise, see if your LFS will put the ponies on hold for you for a few weeks to make sure they are doing well before bringing them home... though from what I understand, that's still not a guarantee....

02/18/2017, 04:11 PM
seahorsesource.com is the best. Do your homework before you buy and go with seahorse source the experts who have the best customer service.