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02/14/2017, 02:56 PM

Just put down the deposit for my 560g (120x36x30) and figured I'd start a build thread. It is going to be a lengthy process as the tank is not even built yet and wont have time to plumb it and start the cycle until closer to summer. I am upgrading from a 220g that I have had for around 3 years.

The new tank will be acrylic with two trapezoid overflows in the middle and a blue back. The stand will be steel. The sump will be 120g and I'll provide more information on the sump configuration when I can post a picture of it.

The equipment/filtration I plan to use are:

5 EcoTech Radions G2 with the improved lenses
Bubble Magus BM-B12
3 MP-40s
2 Maxspect Gyres 250
560lbs of ReefCleaners rock
350 lbs of CaribSea Special Grade sand
2 EcoTech Vectra L1s ---Debating if one could go the job since there will be very little head pressure.
Moving my Apex controller off of the 220g.

ATO will be handled by a 275g tote in the garage that will run into a container next to the tank that then will be handled by a Tunze Osmolator

I will post pictures of the tank/stand/sump when they are completed, but if you think the flow wont be enough or have any opinions then please let me know!

02/14/2017, 09:19 PM
Very nice.

What flow are you planning? I mean one L1 can suffice but at what cost to the pump? I have 2 L1 running 300g DT between two tanks. I have them running at a lower speed to save them and increase their life span.

When I get my 265g up I will have to ramp the speed up to make my GPH better for the tank and turnover.