View Full Version : 750 gallon fish only??

02/15/2017, 09:40 AM
So after having the tank ready to go for over a year, I have a whopping 5 corals and am working on leaving the tank fallow due to getting a parasite even though all the fish were quarantined.

Needless to say, that sucks. Now thinking about going fish only. The tank is attached to an additional 500 gallons of water thru a series of Rubbermaid tubs. One for a look down small reef, one for a mangrove swamp, the other for the sump.

Just starting to think about this. Not a fan of a ton of fish. Looking to get ideas on some combinations of different eels, large angels, big inverts like lobsters or horseshoe crabs.

Any pictures of your fish only setups would be great. And if you could include your lighting, food type, schedule, amount of food, salt level your running it at, maintenance schedule, things to watch out for, etc...

Tank is 120" x 48" x 30" tall.