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02/20/2017, 06:02 PM
Got a Tamron 90mm a bit ago for Christmas and still learning to use it properly. I think my monitor on my desktop is brighter than every other pc i own because the pics seem much more dim on everything else.

http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y139/alten78/TubbsStellata_zpsabuyqonb.jpg (http://s4.photobucket.com/user/alten78/media/TubbsStellata_zpsabuyqonb.jpg.html)

http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y139/alten78/DSC_0014_zpsa3fbqbkq.jpg (http://s4.photobucket.com/user/alten78/media/DSC_0014_zpsa3fbqbkq.jpg.html)

http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y139/alten78/OrangeCap_zpsouqj3gkb.jpg (http://s4.photobucket.com/user/alten78/media/OrangeCap_zpsouqj3gkb.jpg.html)

http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y139/alten78/DSC_0010_zpsvmvdmw4s.jpg (http://s4.photobucket.com/user/alten78/media/DSC_0010_zpsvmvdmw4s.jpg.html)

http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y139/alten78/DSC_0016_zpsfwgrjpbe.jpg (http://s4.photobucket.com/user/alten78/media/DSC_0016_zpsfwgrjpbe.jpg.html)

http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y139/alten78/DSC_0007_zpsrjpdt8kq.jpg (http://s4.photobucket.com/user/alten78/media/DSC_0007_zpsrjpdt8kq.jpg.html)

http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y139/alten78/DSC_0213_zpsutg5yh5p.jpg (http://s4.photobucket.com/user/alten78/media/DSC_0213_zpsutg5yh5p.jpg.html)

Reef Bass
02/22/2017, 06:13 AM
They are somewhat dark on my calibrated monitor, last couple especially.

One can use a colorimeter type device like SpyderPro to calibrate brightness and color on a monitor. One can't be sure the monitor on which one's photos are viewed is properly calibrated, but one can be sure that the monitor on which it was produced is.

I suggest also using a healing brush or similar tool to remove the marine snow from your pics. Bright white flecks can be very distracting. Shooting with pumps off can help to minimize the amount of debris floating around during picture time.

02/22/2017, 07:06 PM
If you don't want to get your monitor calibrated (and as mentioned there are some good cheap ways to do it now - I recommend you do) there are (I think) some online ways to do it. it basically comes down to a film strip like image and adjusting (usually reducing) the brightness until the darkest one have just barely discernible separation. Most monitors are calibrated too bright from a photographic editing point of view.

02/23/2017, 07:17 AM
Of the two monitors side by side, I mainly work off of the brighter one so I will definitely look into getting them calibrated.

Thanks for the tip on the marine snow and touch up. These were just done in Light Room and I'm thinking that the healing brush is done through Photoshop? It's terrible that I have to go to my 13 year old to figure out how it works.

Thanks guys!

02/23/2017, 04:32 PM
the healing brush is done through Photoshop?

Yup. You can also use the clone stamp.

Reef Bass
02/23/2017, 07:08 PM
These were just done in Light Room and I'm thinking that the healing brush is done through Photoshop?

Yes, as Jesse said, although I was referring to the Spot Removal tool in Lightroom. One can choose either clone or heal. Pick whichever works better for you in the particular situation.

I used Photoshop before I started with Lightroom a while back. Some of the PS terminology stuck with me.

03/19/2017, 07:33 PM
Those came out really well.