View Full Version : Changed LED diodes on original photons?

02/21/2017, 11:55 AM
Has anyone tried changing the diodes on there fixture? I have 2 of the photon 16s. One I actually have brand new in the box that I have had almost a year and not setup :(, so have 1 photon 16 and a similar fixture (evo ts100) as well as T5. The reason I have been so slow to add the other photon 16 is because I have always felt the color from the photon was really white, even running the blue channel much higher (I run blues around 45-50% and whites never more that 10%). I would like to replace some of the white diodes with some of the 450 and 480 blue diodes to up the blue color.... how hard is it?

Does reefbreeders do this for you? If so anyone know the cost? I know the diodes are 1.99 so guess I need to know labor cost?

03/02/2017, 06:16 PM

We don't customize anymore due to time constraints and the V1s being discontinued, however we do offer the LEDs on our website and they are easy to switch out on the Gen 1s.