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02/22/2017, 07:59 AM
Hello All,

Another excited and satisfied customer here! I decided on The Package after much research and feedback, a lot from this forum. I felt it eliminated guesswork and Richard's passion can be felt on this forum, TBS website and their videos. Don't be hesitant on the shipping, in my case airport pickup is easier than being home to sign etc.

Friends and former reefers will have all kinds of advice and make it sound impossible to do.

I just started after shipment 1, rock and sand look incredible, all I saw at the LFS was a shallow tank full of plain brown rock. TBS rock is alive, it would be impossible not to pick the TBS rock out of the two.

Communication has been incredible, cant wait to continue The Package

Richard you must have a fish guy?

03/07/2017, 08:03 PM
Tank looks incredible. Picked up a couple clowns.

Richard knows what he's doing.

Everyone stares at it with magnifying glasses!

attaching pics