View Full Version : Fire Shrimp died from molting?

02/22/2017, 11:44 AM
Hey guys...so I have had this fire shrimp in my 90 gallon now almost a year. I HAVE NOT ADDED anything new to the tank in months fish wise. I have not added any new inverts or anything just some lps corals. Well I came home one afternoon, my lights were still of and I went to change my filter sock. Well I noticed what looked to be the shell of my fire shrimp. I'm thinking "O cool he molted"...well no. He was first of all out on top of a rock in the open, which I'v never noticed before when he molts, and he was laying on his side. It looked like something happened with the molt wrong. Like he was a human trying to take off a hoodie over its head but the hoodie was too small and he just kept struggling until his death. So I went to pick up the "shell", and was like o crap hes still in there. I then left him alone. His back little legs were moving, and then after a couple of hours he just stopped and pretty much was floating around the tank. Once he was dead I picked him up and yupp he was definitely in there. Is it possible he died during this time...struggled, or something? I will say he did hide quite a bit....I assumed he was always getting enough food, perhaps maybe he was not healthy enough because lack of food. He would usually stay hidden minus eating times. I currently have sissy fish. A pink skunk clown, tomini tang (small), scissortail dartfish, tanaka pygmy wrasse and blue assessor.

02/22/2017, 02:15 PM
Molting is generally a dangerous process for shrimp so its not that uncommon for it to end badly.

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