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02/23/2017, 10:08 AM
Hey guys,

Slowly but surely I am starting up a new tank. I am just going to leave my build thread here where I think it belongs.

I have been without a tank for over a year now, and it is tough for me. I have few things that relieve my stress and anxiety more than working on my tank. I am 100% p&t mostly due to tbi/ptsd related stuff.

I am pretty broke as well, but I have access to everything I should need to build things myself. This will be a fairly high tech, but mostly DIY build. It may be slow though, due to fabrication times and saving piece by piece.

Also, I am learning as I am going with acrylic. Ive been to demos, read all the threads, and have woodworking experience. I am building everything out of acrylic! Damn near at least...

Here is the plan!

This will be a 22" half cube with a matching sump. 22"x22"x11"

I will start with some easy sump components, build the sump, then build the display tank. Hopefully this will give me enough practice!

I ordered my acrylic through estreetplastics. Got a great deal. I ordered the pieces precut almost to size, although I will have to trim everything down. Just saves wielding a big piece of acrylic on the tablesaw.

I have a new skimmer already as well. Cheap and effective. SCA-301

I have an old 300w LED fixture, though I will eventually put a DIY LED fixture on when I can afford it.

Base rock arrived yesterday. 10lb of Marcorocks Cut Key Largo, and 8lb of rubble. It was almost exactly enough for free shipping, because thats how I roll! Never had rocks that had a flat side cut off. I am using it as the base under the sand.

Live rock wilk be Tampa Bay Saltwater. Ive already been in contact with them, and they sell the best from what I have read!

That is about it for now. Pictures to come as soon as I get started!

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02/26/2017, 07:59 PM
Started trying to master acrylic fabrication. I am still a ways away, though I am comfortable starting my sump next!

This is the splash guard for the Algae Turf Scrubber.


03/05/2017, 02:37 PM
I am withvya I started using it as a stress relief during down time and it's became a full time hobby good luck