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02/23/2017, 10:52 PM
Greetings fellow hobbyists.

So late last year, went to local fish spot here on LI that's reputable and got some livestock for my 90g with 15g sump. Tank setup in May 2016

I had the following

Inverts and corals:
2 nems
2 hammers
1 torch
1 medium sized GSP colony
2 birds nest frags
1 small acan colony

1 yellow tang
3 damsels
1 Picasso clown pair
1 black onyx clown pair
Goby/shrimp combo
Several turbos snails and hermits etc

As I get inside, Im informed that they just received a shipment earlier that day from the Philippines. So I'm browsing see a juvenile clown trigger and a little older juvenile regal angel. I take them both in excitement considering they were very well priced. So I go home, acclimate them. No problem. A few days go by, fine. a few more days, then the regal is breathing heavy, next thing I knew it's sitting on one side in the sand barely moving then he passed. Shortly after both pair of clowns, then the SPS, then the trigger, then the damsels. It was catastrophic during the holidays. 10 weeks later, I've revamped my feeding habit to very minimal, STRICT water changes and sand bed maintenance.

I've updated hardware starting with
-my Apex software which is connected to:
-reefoctopus skimmer
-TLF reactor for carbon/GFO
-UV which I've always had
-upgraded my ATO pump and switches.

I'm getting apprehensive on whether I should add livestock or coral. I'd like to start having some serious growth back in the tank and start to recoup some money back by means of fragging.

I did a sand siphon today and will do a water change soon. I'll update with parameters prior to my water change, which will be on the weekend.

I have two of the BRS 1.1ml dosers which are not hooked up to anything just mount but unplugged in my sump. Ideally for calcium and alkalinity. Neither of two I've dosed before. Ever. I usually put a few teaspoons of kalk in my ato and call it a day.

My questions to the reef community:
What was the cause of death in the regal that lead to a chain reaction?
Was it the change in the circadian rhythm from the Philippines to NY?
Should I dose both 2 part and kalkwasser?
Should I get livestock first then coral?
What should my PAR be at?
Should salinity be higher for coral growth?
What ph should I target?

Only have a few inhabitants and getting anxious.
I'm envious of other tanks and I know mine has the potential. Thanks for reading and for your help. I'm all ears and need some advice from the pros.

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02/24/2017, 02:42 AM
Hi there,
I would suggest you take more time to read about reefing and try to maintain the aquarium with pristine conditions for the next 3 months without adding more fish.
If you have a chance for talking with some experience reefer, all those questions should be address easily even if the answer might be "I don't know why the regal has died" or "it depends some times it works".
When you feel that you understand and have the control, then you can start stocking the tank.