View Full Version : Photon V2 LED Wattage and Comparison to other

02/24/2017, 07:14 AM
Loving the light, but have some questions.

I can't find the post now, but I saw some posts about setting the ratio of lighting based on a 3rd parties testing with another light. Basically the sps+ setting.

Well, I was wondering, if for example the Blue channel on the Photon V2 is 120% as much light as the 3rd party light used as the baseline for the sps+ shouldn't we set our Blue channel to below 100%?

So I tried to do a rough comparison. But couldn't figure out the correct ratios based on the LEDs,
I also noticed for the Photon V2 at least the 24" if you add up the # of LED * the wattage of each LED the total wattage is well over the 135W rated so some must not be capable of 100% output even though its an X wattage led?

Has anyone else figured out the comparison of the lights and can improve upon the SPS+ settings for this light?

02/24/2017, 07:26 AM

We have channel setting and ratio recommendations fro different Kelvin ratings in the FAQ (Questions?) Section on our website.

Some of the LEDs are 3watt (reds, green, violet), and we base our numbers on actual wattage draw from the wall.