View Full Version : What's going on with my gen2 radions.

02/25/2017, 09:25 AM
I've had these three radions for about 4 years (or whenever they came out). They've worked okay for all but the last couple of months when they started changing colors late in the day. They would flash red, then yellow, then blue. They've started doing this more often and sometimes the yellow stays that way.

Here's what I do: I go to ecosmart live and hit the program button. It clears it up right away but it comes back. I've also unplugged them and plugged them back in 30 seconds later. It helps, but the problem returns. I've also used the "refresh devices" function but it takes so long that I haven't stayed to see the result on the computer, but when I return the ecosmart live sign in page is on and the lights are not fixed.

What's going on here and how do I fix it?

Alex Y EcoTech
02/28/2017, 12:07 PM

It sounds as though the buttons on your Radion are being interfered with and will need to be disabled. Please follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

1. Power down all Radions for 30 seconds
2. Power on All Radions
3. Connect via USB to a single Radion - If NOT using a ReefLink*
4. Open the Connection Manager - If NOT using a ReefLink*
5. Log in to EcoSmart Live using either Google Chrome or Safari as your web browser
6. Select the "Devices" tab
7. Select the "Gear" icon next to "Light 1"
8. Check the box to disable the Radion buttons
9. Repeat steps 7 & 8 for each Radion
10. Select the "Done" button to save changes
11. Once the page refreshes select the "Program Aquarium"

03/10/2017, 08:36 AM
Apparently that fixed it.