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02/28/2017, 09:13 AM
hi friends

i have 6 old tank with mixed sps and lps. atm i am experienced a proplem with my acros and montiporas dying. and also have green and yellow corals losinbg corlas. at the moment i dont have any fish as i had one with ich and i am wating 3 months to be on the safe side. i know i whent to fast because i upgrade and i did int had place to but corals :((. atm i am using this products on 300 ltrs tanks size

40 ltrs water change with priobiotic salt
evrey other day
2 drops amino mix
2 drops af vitality
2 drops af build
2 drops af energy
10 drops phyto mix


2 drops pro bios
2 drops np pro
2 spoons af food
2 spoon ricca food
compoments 1,2,3 20 ml daily split in 24 hrs that keeps my alk 7,3 stable

i also use pacific sun hybrid x4 t5 ( 2 blue, 1 white , 1 pink) with led on 35%

my parameters are stable

ammonia 0
no2 0
no3 0
phos 0
alk 7,3
mag 1400
calcium 450

please let m,e know if i have something wrong or i am using some product wrong and what i can do so i start a new fresh and corals will stop dying and take coplor again

02/28/2017, 10:55 AM
As you stated above your reef is very young.

I don't know what test kits you use.

Phos and Nitrates at zero is not good.

I'd cut back on the Pro Bio s and NP Pro.

Shoot for something like this.

Phos = .03 ppm
Nitrate = 4 ppm

If they come up a little higher don't sweat it.

Adding a fish and feeding some flake food could help.

Regards, GoVols

02/28/2017, 01:21 PM
Try to pull up the nutrient a little bit...possibly your corals are suffering from very low nutrient and if you are using Probiotic salt then stop dosing Pro Bio S and NP pro for sometime. This will help to pull up nutrient a bit.