View Full Version : Battery back-up questions

02/28/2017, 04:17 PM
I've just plugged in my M1 to my new battery back-up (with booster cable) and have a couple of questions.

1. If I'm using ESL with reeflink, do I still need to manually set flow rate in back-up mode or do the settings in ESL apply (I.e 20% power in back-up).
2. Is the default setting 5min on 30min off and do I have to change this manually or in ESL?
3. The booster cable is VERY hot. I note it says that it will get hot but I wondered if there is a point when it becomes a hazard, given it is next to other wires.
4. Will I be able to power both an M1 and MP10 from one battery?

Thanks in advance.