View Full Version : Tank 7.....Return to the 75G

03/02/2017, 06:26 AM
Hey everyone! Most of you don't know me but I have been a member here for some time now. I have had a BioCube 14 up and running for a while now and got the itch to go big again. Found a 75G on a local Facebook reefing page for $100. Tank, Stand, Canopy, and PF800 overflow.

Cleaned it all up and got it wet on Saturday. Used 60lbs of sand and put roughly 40lbs of dry rock in there. I will be adding more rock as I go but from here on out it will be live rock and not dry.

Removed bulk head from overflow and installed a new one. Old one had glued on PVC that didn't work for my plumbing plans. Used 3/4 flex tubing on the overflow to the sump. Fits perfectly.

Sump was built at first by using a 20G and installing my own acrylic baffles. Throat punch moment as I didn't measure first and the 20G wouldn't fit under the stand and since I already filled the tank with water, I couldn't attempt to drop it in from above. Trashed that idea and grabbed a Eshoppes WD-100NPF. Bio Balls will not be used. Will be used to house skimmer and return pump and heaters (2 125W Eheims).

Skimmer is unbranded and rated for a 300G tank. Worst case scenario if it doesn't work, I can get a different one. I have time. Tank will be fallow for a while.

Return pump is a Jebao DCT6000. With a headloss of 4-4.5', I should have roughly 875GPH from return at 100%. Since Jebaos are controllable, I will not be installing a gate valve. Just turn it down a notch on the controller.

Return is a simple locline wideflow return using 3/4 tubing.

For water movement I will be using a Koralia 12V wavemaker I got on here a few years back with 2 Koralia 3's. Also a MP10. Will purchase more if need be. After having this MP10, even though the price is steep, I will continue to use them or the Jebao pumps. I love not having the cord in that tank.

Lights are a set of DsunY LED fixtures for a 48" tank. LED layout shows zero warm whites. Whites are 12000-18000k. Shouldn't have that yellowish tint. May swap out LEDs if color isn't what I like.

Stocking ideas are not set yet. Obviously my 2 clowns and cleaner shrimp will be transferred from me BioCube. Currently keeping soft corals but may dabble in the SPS world again. Have a Duncan, Kenya, 2 Frogspawn, Orange Eye Chalice, and GSP currently. The Kenya is spreading like wild fire. GSP is contained.