View Full Version : chaeto?

03/04/2017, 07:28 AM
i was thinking about adding a reactor with chaeto inside of it and wrapping a LED strip light around it. my nitrates in my 5 year old 300 gallon fowlr are up above 80 and my water changes have not really been helping much. i probably do about two 15% water changes a month. the tank also has some purplish cyano growing on sand and rocks recently. i have 2 large powerheads in the display tank. i have a 4" sand bed in sump which i don't think is doing much of anything. i have biostars in sump also. will chaeto significantly reduce nitrates and phosphates in a fowlr ?

thanks for any responses

03/04/2017, 01:34 PM
The chaeto will help with the nitrates (along with water changes) but GFO works better for high phosphates. I have a HUGE ball of chaeto in my Fuge but my phosphates were still high until I added BRS's dual reactor. Within 2 weeks my phos was 0. Hope this helps.