View Full Version : Candy cane help. Is this brown jelly? What should I do?

03/04/2017, 06:01 PM
Just got this candy cane a few days ago and I'm not sure if this algae or brown jelly. If It's brown jelly should I frag it? I didn't know candy canes get brown jelly until I did some research.

There's also some darkness on the stalk. Again not sure if it's algae or something else and if I should just remove the coral in fear of it infecting others.

I tried using a turkey baster to blow it off and it didn't really come off. I've also tried sucking it off with the same baster and nothing

Everything else in the tank is fine including hammers frogspawns and torches.

Water parameters are all in line.

Lighting is hydra 26 at 40% in a jbj30. Flow is moderate and it's positioned on the far left middle.