View Full Version : poor reds

03/06/2017, 10:40 AM
Hi can anyone help i am having trouble with fading colors more the reds going pail these are my levels and a bit about my system

2 years old
700 liters
calcium 450
mag 1500 bringing this down
kh 8.5
potassium 420
N03 0.05
P04 0.03
salt brightwell neo marine

lights Ever grows it5060s
algae scrubber
bubble magus c9 skimmer
dosing food grade and fauna marin trace elements

thanks for any help

03/11/2017, 04:12 PM
Is that the correct nitrates reading? If so you may want to get them between 5-10.

Also what is the spectrum you're running on your LED's? More blues give better reds and more whites will wash them out. Are you around 80-100% blue and 20% white? If not that might be a good one to shoot for.