View Full Version : Need help with Reef Octopus Classic 100 HOB skimmer

03/07/2017, 06:16 PM
I'm considering adding one of these to my 20 gallon long tank, but the stand it's on is oversized and there's about 4 or 5 inches sticking out on all sides. The height of the skimmer is 17" and the tank is about 12 3/4." Will this skimmer be able to hang on the back of this tank with that stand? I keep thinking that the bottom of the skimmer will be resting on the stand which will cause everything else to be too high. The screws for attaching the skimmer to the tank won't match up so to say. I hope this makes since. Any information you could provide would be great. I'd hate to buy the skimmer and then have to return it.

03/08/2017, 07:40 AM

The distance we are looking at for this skimmer would be from the elbow fittings, where it would rest on the tank, down to the bottom of the skimmer. With the overall height being 17", I would make the guess that 4"-5" of that height is above the plumbing elbows. That would leave you with 12"-13" that hangs lower than the tank. In that case, I would caution against this skimmer, as it most likely will not fit properly.

Unfortunately, I cannot go back into the warehouse to measure these exactly. They frown upon me opening factory sealed products for measurements. Haha!


03/08/2017, 10:36 AM
That's kind of what I was afraid of. Perhaps I could add something that would raise the rim of the tank a little bit. Maybe a small piece of plastic or something could be glued down where the elbows reach over.

Thanks. :)