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03/11/2017, 07:38 AM
ok, i am doing redsea right now.
400g water - 300G SPS only display, 45G frag tank and 80G sump. i got about 130lbs of pukani, LPS tank have 40lbs of sand.
BK SM200 RD3
ATI hybrid 80WX8 75WX4

Ca: 425
NO3 - 0
PO4 .25 right now, will skim wet to bring it back down again.
i use redsea nopox, A,B and C and reef energy A and B.
i have good luck with redsea, NoPox keep my tank algae free.
the only complain i have with the redsea is their A and C are crazily expensive.
to make 1g of Ca or Mg stock solutions is $42, which is a bit of :headwalls:.

i heard about AF, i did the math, that comes out much better on that department.

here's my plan to switch over.
i will use
AF Reef Salt
Bio Pro S
NP Pro(doser ready version)
as to my understanding, am i correct?
Ca+Mg+ CS-A&B = Component 1+
Alk + CS-C = Component 2+
RMS + CS-K = Component 3+

i will do 15% water change with AF salt, and then start NP Pro and Bio Pro S at 50%. keep monitoring the no3/po4 lvl. i will stop redsea ABC, and start AF Alk/Ca/Mg/RMS. once PO4 hits zero i will start AF ABEV.

just want some inputs, if my plan is good to go or something need to change.

03/15/2017, 06:22 AM
To start with AF system I genearlly prefer more conservative method. I started to do 10% water change with AF reef salt for 2 months. I also first added BioS for 14 days at full strength and then shifted to ProbioS. I wanted to colonise both step of nitrogen cycle as Pro bio S generally takes care of denitrification. After couple of months I converted to full AF. In your case if you see a drop of Ca/Alk/Mg then you can start using the balling components or else just don't add it. Also until your achieve ULNS or very low NO3 and PO4 level dont dose ABEV as they will bring the nutrient level up.