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03/11/2017, 12:55 PM
Ok guys. I have keeping a fish only tank for the last 11 years. I started with a ten gallon but last September it broke so I moved everything over to a 20 gallon. As you can see from the pictures that follow, it's a pretty basic setup with no sumps or refugiums. I have both the heater and the skimmer located in the tank itself. I have the following in the tank:

11 year old percula clown
Fire shrimp
2 turbo snails
4 hermit crabs

For the first time ever, I plan to adding coral and an anemone to this setup. The tank is 18 inches high and I have a Fluval Sea 2.0 32 watt, 25,000 k. At the bottom of the tank it gets a 47 PAR and the middle of the tank gets 200 PAR.

Corralline algae is really starting to take off. Nitrates are 0 ( I know this is truly impossible but it's what my test kits are measuring.) phosphates are a but high...around .15https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20170311/afbc46277754ac304373a1d1ead46ccc.jpg

Tips on what I should add?

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