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03/12/2017, 09:05 AM
I have a 17 gallon reef tank cube
No sump it's not all in one just a rimless tank

I want to put a skimmer many people say not needed water changes are enough, however I don't believe that because a skimmer removes only things before it breaks down with some water, water change you're just diluting the pollution? Lol

The Manual of Tunze says it must be in a low flow area and don't have any pump aiming towards the skimmer. My tank has high flow and the skimmer will be in tank does this mean it won't work well in the tank?

Is this low flow thing only for Tunze? Any other skimmer that would be better?

03/13/2017, 09:30 AM
It would apply to any in tank skimmer. A hang on would be less susceptible to flow driving out bubbles, but I have yet to see a hang on which works well which did not add bubbles without a bulky bubble trap. It will work, the problem will be bubbles drawn out by any under tow under the skimmer. I would be relatively sure working with placement and aiming of flow and rock work it could be made to work and the only option I know of which would not have this problem is a small airstone skimmer and these tend to have there own issues, mostly finding a good quality limewood diffuser and changing it monthly. The only ones worth anything in my experience are hW Wiegandt and Sanders, the others all tend to leak big bubbles and not skim well.

03/13/2017, 01:18 PM

Here is a pic of my tank you see the powerhead where would the skimmer placement work?

03/16/2017, 08:10 AM
I used a 9001 in a 15g tank with two 6040s for flow and had no problems, even with the pumps at 100%. I did modify the deflectors on the 6040s to more of a 45 degree angle for a less focused flow. Worked great!