View Full Version : Breeding Banggai Cardinals in display

03/12/2017, 10:15 AM
I just found out that I have few (not sure how many) baby's Banggai Cardinals swimming around and under my anemony. My display is 600 gal, so at this point I cant catch them. Did anyone had a luck breeding them in display with rest of the fish??
What best food for them??

03/12/2017, 10:17 AM
Here they are ;)

03/12/2017, 02:37 PM
i had the same question. i didnt have any luck so far in my 265, but maybe since these made it this far they will make it

03/23/2017, 06:05 PM
I've had luck breeding them in the sump and in the main tank. But you won't be able to feed them properly in an open tank, you have to catch them.

If I remember right (I'll have to look through my old threads) I fed them newly hatched brine shrimp. After a couple weeks I switched to phyto plankton enriched older brine shrimp for a couple weeks and then started mixing in chopped mysis. At first I bought the phyto and then I started culturing my own.

Once they start eating the phyto brine/mysis mix for about 2 weeks I switched to just chopped mysis with some growth additive (again can't remember what).

I raised about 80 Banggai and sold back to the LFS. Compared to Clowns I thought the Banggai were really easy.


03/23/2017, 06:12 PM
Oops...the rest of the story.

Get some breeder baskets like these https://premiumaquatics.com/products/lees-net-breeder-small-fine.html?gclid=CLzDwbLs7dICFYe2wAoduDQJKA
Hang the basket in the tank or sump.
Catch the fry with a turkey baster. You may have to make the hole larger so they don't get crushed.

The male always spit them out in the tank around midnight. If I was lucky, it was on the weekend. You can check on them hourly and once you see them out of his mouth turn the pumps off and suck them up with the turkey baster.

I typically caught from 16-24 at each cycle. After the cycle, be kind to the male and separate him so he can eat and fatten up. It's best to have another male to take his place. I broke the cycle once and it took a while for them to start breeding again but I got out of the hobby shortly after that.

An alternative is to wait a couple days before he should release and catch him in a net and he may spit them out. I was never able to do this.

Also turn off the lights and use a flashlight shining down in a corner and they will accumulate in that corner.

Good luck!