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03/12/2017, 01:35 PM
I've been trying to get the ok from the misses to build an in wall tank in the basement. We've gone back and forth on selling the house but have decided to stay out and now I need an office to work out of my house.

I currently have a kitchen in my basement that is going to be converted to my office. As it sits now, the kitchen is separated from a bedroom by an oversized closet. The plan is to gut the kitchen, new flooring, bigger window, etc... and I want the tank to split the office from the bedroom and be visible on both sides. I need to keep sound down as much as possible. Actually, silent is the goal.

I'm leaning toward a 120 as I like the dimensions for fish swimming. I'd like to house tangs as I currently have my 29 biocube that only has a couple small fish. I plan on setting it up on a constant water change system if I can figure out the logistics of doing all of this without a dedicated fish room behind or below the tank.

Has anyone that's done something similar to what I'm planning have recommendations on things to do or things to avoid? I really don't want to get halfway into this and find out I didn't plan for something. Things I've considered are:

Space for all of the filtration
What to do to avoid humidity problems
How to design the constant water change
Use self leveler for the floor
Put the tank on its own circuit

Any other thoughts or advice? I start the gut of the existing kitchen this week.

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03/16/2017, 09:47 AM
Couple pictures of how it is right now. This kitchen was a brewing room for a while so it really just collects junk. That will be turning into my office. There's a bathroom connected.

The closet is 72"wide by 56" deep. I'll need to build a closet for the room from some of that space so that's why I'm thinking the 120 with the 4' dimensions vs the 125 with the 6' would be better for this build. That'll leave me a 24" closet to a guest room which is fine.

Anyway. Will start the gut after next weekend. My wife's birthday is St. Paddy's day and then next weekend we have family using the room. I doubt they want to live in a construction zone.


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03/18/2017, 04:37 PM
I don't have much idea about but I want to learn about it.Where should I start?

What do you mean? This whole project or something specific? I'll post pictures as I go. I don't imagine I'll be adding water for at least a couple months since I have to finish the remodel first.

My current plan is to look for an undrilled 120 and then I'll drill the overflows into the side. I'm contemplating using the ghost overflow but someone's told me they can lose siphon and flood which I definitely don't want. I doing research on how I want to plumb it now. I think after looking at he layout of the room I might have to scrap the constant water change system. I just don't have anywhere for he storage tanks to go.

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04/09/2017, 05:25 PM
the ghost overflow doesnt lose siphon if its drilled through the tank. they must have misunderstood how they work. an over the edge u shaped box loses siphon.