View Full Version : TBS To Michigan

03/12/2017, 06:33 PM
Got the package from TBS for my nano cube last January and my wife liked it so much she wanted to start her own tank. Just got part 1 of her package 3 days ago and this the BEST way to start a tank. Emailed Richard Thursday morning and our rock was delivered to Michigan 6 hours later! Beautiful rock full of life and for the second time practically no cycle! The short time out water and being packed in water means no real die off! Three days in an ammonia at 0, even with the free fish we found in the sand! Lots sponges, macro algae, feather dusters, snails and porcelain crabs. Had to pick out a few whelks and gorilla crabs but well worth the effort. Can't wait for part 2. This is so much better than anything at the LFS. And with all the extras, no/short cycle is really turns out to cheaper than the LFS. Can't recommend strongly enough!