View Full Version : Urchin harpooned Stingray

Sounds Fishy
03/13/2017, 12:33 PM
I am asking if anyone has an opinion about what happened today.I was showing a friend my DT today,when I saw my Blue Spot Stingray bump into my small Spiny urchin.A small piece of the urchin spine broke off and is currently embedded (1or 2mm ) in the stingray just about a quarter of an inch in front of it's right eye.Luckily the stingray seems unhurt,but I am sure that it was stung.
I am asking if any experts know if the stingray will suffer,from the sting any consequences.Also will the 1mm protrusion,from the urchin, sticking out of the stingray fall out ( or dissolve)and heal naturally .I have my fingers crossed that,the stingray,is okay.He is a healthy specimen,for the 2 months I have had it.

Sounds Fishy
03/14/2017, 05:38 AM
Nothing seems to have happened and the spine has been removed(I think,by the cleaning shrimp or wrasse).I was worried the urchin may have secreted some venom to the sting ray ,however ,perhaps it didn't happen,or it had no effect.The sting ray is eating well and never showed any sign of discomfort.
I haven't been stung by an urchin,but I understand,it is a memorable experience.I was accidentally harpooned by a large Lionfish 4 years ago,but I never received the painful sting,that follows,so I was lucky to not receive the venom.