View Full Version : Green Goni stressed out and closed up. Others not.

03/13/2017, 01:41 PM
I will try get some pics up later if it helps, but here is the story.

I've had this nice green goni I picked up from a very reputable local dealer in early Jan. Had been doing great, slowly growing and found a good spot in the tank where it was usually open and extended with the exception of an annoying snail/crab.

Tank is a newer setup (5 Months). Tank is a 24g aquapod with 70w Metal Halide and 3-14w actinic T5's. Goni was probably 3-4inches up from the bottom in the rock work. Funny thing is right next to anout an inch lower is a pink goni thats doing great, and just below that on the sand is a green Alveopora that is doing great.

I have had some cyanobacteria issue in the sand lately and have subsequently cut back on feedings and phyto feeding. I moved water changes from 25% every 3 weeks to 25% every two weeks, as well as vacuuming out the cyano during the water changes. I currently run skimmerless, mechanical sponge filtration changed weekly, and carbon/gfo in filter bag.

The only change that has been made is i've changed the flow a bit and increased my GFO. I added three tablespoons of GFO for a total of 6, changed with the water. The tank is modded with two MJ1200 in back for return and Koralia Nano in the tank. I recently added a Jeabo PP4 as well but can't recall if it was closed prior to it addition.

I pulled the goni and tried and isolated feeding of Phyto and Cyclopeeze, but didn't seem to help. When I put it back in the tank I moved it to the sand bed and in a low flow area of the tank. Just don't understand how just the one is affected with all being really close together and happening so quickly it seems.

Thoughts??? Questions???

03/19/2017, 12:44 AM
I've recently had this problem with my green goni and I think I had two issues. the first being placement, had it on the sand before, kind towards the middle of the tank and the second problem I think I had was not feeding it properly. I have since moved it just off the sandbed almost directly under my mp40 where it gets a lot of indirect upflow from it and have been feedineg every other day with reef chili. It has gone from being really unhappy and closed up to being more open every day.