View Full Version : Tunze 3155 ATO kicking off too frequently...

03/14/2017, 04:15 PM
So, this is going to sound odd but the Tunze is doing it's job, and keeping the water level exactly at the mark I want and configured so from that sense, the device is doing a perfect job. The problem? Well the system detects what must be the micro-water drops in sump level and kicking the pump off about once every 5-10 minutes for a short burst and then back off. The problem is that the pump is not quite, so this constant on/off every 5-10 minutes is super annoying. Is there a way to configure the unit such that instead of doing it's just so well that the pump turns on/off so much, that it waits and then turns the water on for longer to catch up in one setting? So maybe once every 1 or so hours?

03/15/2017, 09:47 AM
How big is the set up? This might be normal on a smaller set up or with a very small sump chamber. The Osmolator overfills for 5 seconds to minimize these cycles.