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Phill notts
03/15/2017, 05:37 AM
As title really I have a Red Sea reefer 350
I'm unsure which one to get
Any help would be great
Thank you

03/15/2017, 11:45 AM
I'd lean towards the Double Cone 130 assuming it will fit the sump space in that sump. You can orient the pump in 2 different locations to accommodate different sump layouts. The footprint for the skimmer with the pump connected are:

Dimension skimmer with pump (90 to the torque tube):
230 mm (9.1") wide / 300 mm (11.8") length
Dimension skimmer with pump (compared the torque tube):
230 mm wide (9.1") / 340 mm (13.3") length

Another alternative would be the Mini Bubble King 160. It's more of a set it and forget is skimmer and has the pump inside the skimmer body for smaller sump spaces.
It's dimensions are:240 mm (9.5") wide / 230 mm (9.1") length

Either will work great. The Double Cone 130 requires some tuning/adjusting the nozzle to get it dialed in where as the Mini is more of a set it and forget it skimmer. The only thing that needs adjusting is the water level inside the skimmer. The Double Cone is easier to do routine maintenance on because the pump is outside the body where as the Mini needs to be removed and taken apart to get the pump out for routine maintenance.

Phill notts
03/15/2017, 12:55 PM
cheers slief
thanks for the help