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03/15/2017, 09:53 AM
Hello Roger

Can this be fixed? cable outer plastic right next to the motor block has cracked.

http://i248.photobucket.com/albums/gg197/marioensf/Aquariums/CAM01587_zpsqp3cgrrb.jpg (http://s248.photobucket.com/user/marioensf/media/Aquariums/CAM01587_zpsqp3cgrrb.jpg.html)

03/15/2017, 10:29 AM
Not in a safe and reliable way. What will tend to happen is water will get to the driver by capillary action/wicking and cause a short and failure. Honestly the best course is a new 6214 wave box, they are about $350, replacing all the parts you would need to replace to upgrade to the current model pump comes close to $320 as you would need the pump, power supply and new sponge.

03/15/2017, 09:14 PM