View Full Version : Upgrade to V2s from V1?

03/16/2017, 12:57 PM
Anyone know if you can trade in your V1s to reefbreeders and get some kind of credit or something to upgrade to V2s? I have 2 photon 16s V1s, one of which is still brand new in the box and I keep telling myself I wish I would have just waited and got the V2s (bought them right before the V2s came out). Not rich enough to just trash them and order all new lights but would be nice if I can trade back in to upgrade.

Ron Reefman
03/17/2017, 05:52 AM
Steallife904, do you belong to a local club where you could sell them without having to ship them? If you lived down at this end of Florida I make you an offer for them. Or try CragsList or any of the other new sell or trade sites like Let It Go. At least you can try to sell them where you don't have to pay shipping which will eat into any sale price. Otherwise you could post them for sale here and ship them.

The other side of the coin is, why not just use them? I still have an old Photon 32" look alike from another distributor working over my shallow reef after 6 years! Sure the V2 has 6 channels of color control and looks more modern, and BTW, I love mine. But it really doesn't grow coral any better than the original Photon (sorry Logan, I gotta be honest). :beer:

03/17/2017, 09:51 AM
Our club broke up a few months ago. Hope another pops up at some point but selling could be an option. In the end I may just live with them since I hate to loose a lot of money on them. I was only thinking about this because I posted before about feeling these where too white for my taste even when power blue channel much higher than white. Seems the V2s have a better color appearance than the V1s. Nothing against how they work or grow coral, just my personal opinion. I though a very simple fix would be to just trade them in towards the V2. Figured I would see if that was something reefbreeders might do? specially since one is brand new in box.