View Full Version : Radioactive Hammer is Browning

03/16/2017, 03:21 PM
I have had a radioactive coral for a few months now with is placement in the substrate at teh bottom of the tank. it continues to grow and overall looks healthy but where once it was ll Florescent green now all of the heads have browned with a gren outline. Any new growth below is still very bright. I moved the coral from the front of the tank where there was no shadowing to the back where it has less direct light thinking maybe the Radion G3 which I am running at 65% are too bright but not much has changed in 4 weeks time.

So Parameters are as follows and have been this way for a long time with minimal changes dosing with Kalk in ATO:

Temp 79.0 +- 0.5
PH 7.9 +- 0.2
Kh 8.4 +- 1.0
Ca 400 +- 20
Mg 1200 +-100
PO4 0.025 +- 0.025

I am running a bit long on lighting with 1 hour ramp up and down and 8 hours of 65% from radion 3. I have not taken any Par readings but using the onlien calculator Maybe my lighting is too low?

I don't think it is dying because it still continues to grow and fully extends every day but is it possible it is bleaching? Any help is greatly appreciated. Most everything in the tank is doing well with full polyp extension

The Kahnasaur
03/16/2017, 05:56 PM
LPS browning is usually a sign of strong lighting. When the zooxanthellae increase within the coral the color browns. It doesn't have to be a bad sign health wise, but it's also not the most desirable. What other corals do you have? Have you tried dropping the intensity? That's a pretty powerful light you have.

Reef Bass
03/16/2017, 06:01 PM
IMHO and IME, browning of corals is due to too little light.

03/17/2017, 05:25 AM
!st thanks boith of you for reading and commenting. I have all kinds of corals. At the bottom is a multiocolor Acan that is doing really well and colored up nicely from when I 1st got it. Also a Meteor shower cyphestrea that is a bit paler but still encrusting the rock with new growth. A favia that is feeding nightly and while there is little growth it has not faded. A Neon Candy Cane is off to the side and inflating. I have various Stylophora and Millipora with full extension and growth about 8" below the water line. 2 Birdsnests again all polyps are out. All in all the whole rest of the tank seems happy. I juts don't know which way to go with this poor little hammer. I though I might try moving him up a little since 1 month of shade has done little to color him up. All the little polyps below are green and bright. Any other care or tips is very much appreciated

03/17/2017, 09:57 AM
post a pic of the coral before(if possible) and after.
both too strong and too little light can cause color change.