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03/16/2017, 04:11 PM
Anyone else have a 32 biocube? Keep buckets and a trash bin close by hehe. I purchased new about 6 months ago and woke up 1am to water gushing on my feet. So i was trying to figure out what had happened and could not find any reason why it would all of a sudden crack like that. There was no damage to the sides or the seals or even any visible scratches. None of the rocks moved or tipped to cause damage. Its on a level surface with the biocube 32 stand. So comparing the 29 vs the new 32 the dimensional footprint is the same except an additional 3 inches in height. The added water volume apparently exceeds the threshold that the glass can handle which is disturbing considering that i had LR in there that decreased that pressure. It could just be a fluke and i got a dud but im just curious if anyone else had a similar exp with this product. Also any recommendations on a solid replacement tank around the same size? I did contact Coralife and they're sending me a replacement but i dont even think i can handle this happening again.

03/16/2017, 05:58 PM
What a terrible way to wake up. Sorry for you.

I have a Biocube. This would be devastating.

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