View Full Version : Glass Mosaic Tile under my 30" cube?

NaClH2O Getaway
03/16/2017, 06:55 PM
I'm getting ready to set my 30" cube ( FINALLY! after 2 years of it being wrapped up in my garage following my move ) I really want to put a black tile "pad" under it to accent the stand and help should there be any future spills. However, I do not want to use Plain Jane generic straight black ceramic tiles. I was looking around and I saw some Glass Mosaic Tiles at the local big box home improvement center and thought they would look awesome under the tank and the colors would compliment my future porcelain wood look tile floors that I plan to have installed later on down the road. Here's my question to anyone that may know... If the actual dimensions of the tank are 30x30x26 then I'm figuring I have <100 gallons of water give or take for rocks, sandbed, etc. If saltwater is roughly 8.5 pounds I will have 900lbs on the safe side including my stand ( canopy, lights and equipment are suspended or remotely located so will not be figured in ) the tiles are rated for 250lbs breaking strength. With the footprint of the stand being ~32x32 do you think the Glass tiles would hold the weight evenly distributed over that surface area?

Fish finder
03/17/2017, 07:30 AM
I think it would work according to the math. Can you buy some extra tile and test the setup before setting it all up?

NaClH2O Getaway
03/17/2017, 09:37 AM
Thats simple enough to do, I was more worried about long term, during expansion contraction due to summer/winter or general settling of the house, ground, etc.