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03/16/2017, 07:11 PM
So I have been calling getting quotes on a 180g. I need you guys to talk me out of getting a 180. I dont have a big house, The dining room is only 9 foot wide where the tank would go. All the equipment would have to be in the cabinet.
Initial cost is a bust, i want an sc aquarium but i just cant. My lfs is getting me a quote on marineland undrilled because i want ghost.
I have a 90 corner flow now with 6 t5. I would want to ditch the old 4 t5 fixture and get two led fixtures at $1000.
Reuse sump with slight redesign. Ditch lighted refugium
Did i mention i just set up the new 90g in september? With a cabinet and canopy that took me 3 weeks to build in my garage.

I did do some things right. My skimmer is good for 160-300g. My dc return pump is good for 1500gph.

I went from a 55 to the 90. I thought the 90 was my dream tank. Ive been searching posts and researching for the last week.

I estimate my energy bill to increase by about 30-40 a month average. Anyone from the midwest comment on that figure?

Im scared about not being able to keep up with dosing. I just got into dosing and have been doing it manually. My water change routine of 20 gallons every two weeks currently is not to bad. Use a brute can and pump with hose so I have graduated from 5g buckets. I dont have a water mix station but i think i could make one with two 60g round tanks

I think a large tank like a 180 and bigger is a richer mans game probably. Haha

03/16/2017, 07:32 PM
Yeah, you should probably go 240 at least, sounds inevitable based on your itch.

No seriously though you can run a large tank efficiently if you do it right. Don't lose the refugium...may be the most critical component of your filtration. Don't overstock the tank and use what you hav until you can afford to upgrade.

If you ran all of your current equipment with the same livestock in a 180, it will do better than in the 90

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