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03/20/2017, 12:08 PM
I ordered one of the Avast DIY reactors with the bio pellet option. After watching the video a couple of times and reading the instructions I began to assemble it. The top went fine, but when it came to the bottom I ran into a problem. I glued it as the video and directions said to and left it to dry. At some point the acrylic cracked and crazed. Not a very big crack, about one inch. The crack really isn't leaking it is more of a seep. I contacted them and they said it was pretty unusual for this to happen. They've made the offer to repair it by cutting off the damaged part and gluing another bottom on for me if I send it back to them. This is more then I could reasonable expect them to do since it is a DIY kit, but I don't want to spend more money sending it back and I want it to be the height it is supposed to be.
I am going to use the glue that came with the kit to hopefully seal the crack and it should work fine, it will be ugly but function.
The point is that if you decide to go this route just be aware this can happen. If you don't want to take the risk order an assembled one. I didn't fine anything about this type of thing happening when I ordered it or I probably would have just ordered the assembled one.

03/20/2017, 12:10 PM
That really shouldn't happen..

Did you put any stress on it?
Did you use any cleaners on it?

03/20/2017, 12:51 PM
I didn't. Not really sure how it happened and like I said they offered to repair it which was above and beyond for a diy kit. Just posted this so if someone else is researching the kits they will know it is possible.

03/20/2017, 01:01 PM
You did not use a solvent like isopropyl alcohol to clean the cylinder did you?

03/20/2017, 01:10 PM
I just glued it with the glue included with the kit.

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03/20/2017, 02:02 PM
Hopefully this worked

03/20/2017, 03:01 PM
Very Strange. I glued a mr5 together with no issues.

03/20/2017, 08:21 PM
If you get a scrap piece of acrylic and bend it to the curve of the reactor you can attach it using the solvent that came with the reactor and consider it a perm fix.

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03/20/2017, 08:22 PM
It can be heated up and bent with a heat gun.

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