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03/20/2017, 07:26 PM
Need some advice on a new tank. Been in the hobby a long time. Mixed SPS / LPS reef tank for the past 15 years. FOWLR for 2 years before Reef. African Cichlids for 10 years before FOWLR.

My hobby has been confined to the basement for a very long time because of heat, noise etc. Moving to a new house and I have room (and tentative permission) for an 8 foot tank on the first floor. It will be in the main section of an open floor plan so it is very important for it to be attractive and quiet. I'm thinking FOWLR. Just think a reef is hard to pull off on the main floor. I'm planning a big reef in the basement down the road..

Any thoughts on the following greatly appreciated:

Size - Always hear bigger is better for FOWLR. Decorator suggested 30" - 36" height to fill the space on a wall with 9 ft ceilings.

Acrylic or Glass? - I've never had acrylic because of concerns about scratching. Not sure if acrylic is any better these days but I really like the seamless corners.

Lighting? - First blush I'd go with LEDs. Quiet, cool. I love the shimmer and ability to cycle from blue to white and back to blue in the daily cycle. I'll get some natural light. I heard that turning back yellow and red spectrums could help control algae growth. I'd prefer to hang from the ceiling instead of a full covered hood if I can find something aesthetically pleasing.

Filtration - Will plumb the tank to the basement below so no constraints on size. I'm thinking wet / dry with skimmer. Maybe algae scrubber. I don't want much maintenance in between monthly water changes.

Pumps - Any thoughts on DC pumps? Haven't had one yet but I hear :lmao:they are quiet. Noise levels are very important to the wife. It has to be quiet...

Overflows - Need quiet and near zero risk of stoppage. Tank will sit on hardwood floors. Need overflow risk to be as close to zero as possible. Never had a flood in 15 years. This would be a terrible time to start.

Weight - How do I know if the floor will hold the weight? Floor construction is 2x12's 16" on center. I think adding support from the basement would be easy.

Fish - I had some wrasses, tangs, lionfish for the short time I had FOWLR. Never had large angels, trigger fish, grouper or anything like that. Been very successful with flame angels, chevron tang, blue tang, yellow tang, anthias, clownfish and 6 line wrasse in reef tank. Been in the hobby long enough to understand the value of hearty less aggressive species. Also appreciate active fish with personalities and bright colors. Avoid Ich magnets. Any favorites out there?

Sorry for all the questions. I'd welcome any and all advice.