View Full Version : Apex Jr Display

03/23/2017, 06:43 PM
I've read and searched, can't seem to figure this one out.

Had a power failure a couple days ago for about 2 minutes. When power was restored the Apex came back up but my display was blank. It powers up and is "blue backlit" but does not show anything.

Tried switching ports, no luck
Tried updating display firmware from the classic web page, no luck
Tried factory reset, no luck
Updated to the latest posted Apex firmware, no luck

So today I deleted the display from the modules list in classic web, while it was plugged in. It removed from the module list. Unplugged, re-plugged, same thing, only backlit. Changed ports, factory reset again, still... no luck. And it is not showing in my modules any longer (duh, I know, I deleted it) but figured the system would add it back.

Any other ideas/suggestions before I open a ticket with Neptune? Thanks!