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03/25/2017, 06:05 AM
My tank is 120"x30"x24". Wondering if I should go with (2) 48-v2 and (1) 24-v2 or (5) 24-v2? Also want to know why you would recommend either way.

Currently running a mix of T5 and cheap LED on a mixed reef - time to upgrade!

Ron Reefman
03/25/2017, 08:04 PM
I think either of your options will work just fine as far as growing coral. I'd even suggest just 2 of the 50" V2 would do just fine. I use 1 of the 50" V2's over my 60" tank and it covers end to end with no shadowing at the ends. In fact I have sps frags growing at both ends.

If I were in your position, my concern would be are these fixtures going to be hanging out in the open or placed inside a canopy?

If they are exposed, I'd go with the 50" V2's as I think it would look symmetrical and tidy rather than having 1 odd length fixture or the clutter of hanging 5 fixtures. It would also save you $300.

If they are going in a canopy any of the 3 selections would work. 2 of the 50" would cost $1350, 2 of the 48" and 1 24" would cost $1650 and 5 of the 24" would cost $1750. Given that, if cost is an issue I'd still do 2 of the 50". But if cost isn't an issue 5 of the 24" offers 3 advantages that I see. First you can hang the fixtures front to back and IMHO get better coverage and less shadowing. Second, if one should ever fail, the other 4 could easily keep the tank going OK until a repair or replacement is made. Third, the replacement of a broken fixture would be cheaper. However, having used 3 fixtures by this manufacturer for 6 years and having zero issues, I highly doubt that you'll use points 2 and 3. But it is worth considering as $400 insurance. And you'd have enough light to grow absolutely anything.

You might check out Jason's thread in the Hardware Forum as he put 4 of the 32" V2's over his 180g 6' tank.

03/26/2017, 05:34 AM
Thanks for the response. I had not considered the 50", I figured there would be to much shadowing.

I am not planning on hanging the lights and do no currently have a canopy. So, if shadowing is not a concern, I agree that the 50" option would look cleaner.

Ron Reefman
03/27/2017, 05:15 AM
Here is a shot of my 60" tank with the 50" Photon V2 over it.

http://i395.photobucket.com/albums/pp37/RonReefman/20170223_155902_zpsvdc4cdic.jpg (http://s395.photobucket.com/user/RonReefman/media/20170223_155902_zpsvdc4cdic.jpg.html)

And a close up so you can see the only shadows are under rocks.

http://i395.photobucket.com/albums/pp37/RonReefman/FTS%20Feb%2023%202017%20R3_zpslblrrnhb.jpg (http://s395.photobucket.com/user/RonReefman/media/FTS%20Feb%2023%202017%20R3_zpslblrrnhb.jpg.html)

03/27/2017, 03:58 PM
Great looking tank. Thanks for the pictures. I just ordered my first 50" photon. Second one will be in the next two months.

Ron Reefman
03/27/2017, 06:51 PM
Thanks. It's a restart from a 180g tank that developed a 30gph leak back in August of last year. There are some colonies that got saved, but there are a LOT of new frags. I'm looking forward to the next 12 to 24 months of growth!

BTW, I suspect you'll really like the light!